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Enviro Vigil Trust

Enviro Vigil Trust
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About Us

To generate wealth through waste is our mission

Ever wondered how the bio-medical waste of nearly six hundred hospitals in Thane city is disposed off? That too using scientific methods. Located in the premises of Chhatrapati Shivaji Hospital in Kalva, is a non-profit organization named “Enviro Vigil Trust”.


A “Bio-Medical Waste Management Treatment Unit” is built at the rear end of the hospital. The trust takes the responsibility from collection and transportation to scientific disposal of bio-medical waste from the hospitals.


Procedure :  The aayas, bais and those responsible for waste disposal in the hospital are tutored to segregate the waste and collect them in coloured bags. The yellow bags are with bandages, sanitary napkins and things used by the patients. This waste goes into the incinerating machine. The gases released through this machine are devoid of carbon thus making it environment friendly. The ash formed is used for landfilling. The blue bags contain glass waste mainly bottles. They are emptied, treated with hypogloride acid and sent for recycling process. The plastic waste in red bags goes through segregation and shredding and then sent for recycling.


Dr.Harganis the President, Dr.Walawalkar the General Secretary and Dr.Sanjay Joshi the Secretary officially started the Bio-Medical waste treatment unit on 1st March 2003. It was started with the help of Thane Muncipal Corporation.  The organization is also involved in projects related to conservation of the environment. The members conduct seminars, lectures and exhibitions at various levels to create awareness amongst the public.


A monthly magazine “Aaple Paryavarn” (our environment) is being published since 15th August 2004. The magazine highlights the various environmental issues, the need for environmental conservation and the activities of the organization to create awareness in public”. The subscriptions have exceeded the three thousand mark. 


Paryavaran Shala” (Environment School) was started to create awareness amongst school children. Lectures are held at New English School at Ram Maruti Road in Thane west. Students enrolled are from std VI to std VIII attend the school for two hours on every Saturday. Apart from lectures, the students also have outings, bird watching sessions, excursions etc. The students are felicitated and given certificates on 26th January, 2005.


Vermi-composting takes place behind the office building. Bio-degradable waste from the canteen and the hostel is used to prepare manure. he says. Part of the manure is used in gardening.  The remaining manure is sold in the market.


Kagad Shilp or  paper craft. Old calendars collected from various companies, organization and public.  The papers are cut and sent in the Thane Mental Hospital. They get the paper bags done from the patients.


Encourage rain-water harvesting, celebrate pollution and noise-free Diwali, use eco-friendly colours and avoid tree cutting for holi are some of the seasonal campaigns the organisation takes up periodically.


Enviro-Vigil Trust

Behind Chhatrapati Shivaji Hospital

Kalva, Dist Thane 




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